Ongoing Projects

  • European Social Fund (ESR) project TIKO-Silta (Co-operative Model of Information Processing Science Between High Schools and Higher Education) aims to find concrete ways to increase co-operation between secondary and higher education, with an interest in increasing girls' participation in IT. The project is done in collaboration with Oulu University of Applied Sciences.
  • European Social Fund (ESR) project Make4Change aims aims to provide Oulu citizens with valuable 21st century skills through digital fabrication and making.
  • Academy of Finland funded MAKE-A-DIFFERENCE - Critical Design and Making by Children (Lasten kriittinen teknologiasuunnittelu ja -värkkäys)
  • EU H2020 project COMnPLAY SCIENCE - learning science fun and creative way
  • Academy of Finland project Tekoälyn kokemuksia älykaupungissa: Kaupunkielämää tukevien AI-sovellusten osallistava suunnittelu, Principal Investigator: Aale Luusua
  • Digital transformation of the Finnish taxi Industry (Financially supported by Wihuri Foundation and Academy of Finland's PROFI-4 GenZ)
  • Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation postdoctoral research project: Climate change in the News. Principal investigator: Dorina Rajanen.
  • Design@school - a long-term research effort related to bringing designerly thinking to schools
  • EU 2020 RESET (Redesigning Equality and Scientific Excellence Together)

Some completed projects

Marie Curie ITN CHESS - Connected Health early stage researcher network (CHESS)

Ai-Move - Development of an artificial intelligence system for a service built to prevent and support musculoskeletal disorders funded by EIT-Digital . We cooperate with RI.SE (SE), Qinematic (SE), Bright Cape (NL)

Finnish Cultural Foundation funded DeMaKids project - Children as technology makers and shapers, integrating technology making into comprehensive school education

European Social Fund (ESR) project LUNO - Lukiolaisista nostetta ohjelmistoalalle - Battling the gender segregation in our field by making the IT field more interesting for senior high school students, particularly girls, by teaching them programming and designerly thinking as well as giving them more information about our field in general. The project was done in collaboration with Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation postdoctoral research project: Teachers’ role in shaping the educational network infrastructuring - positioned as designers of technology enhanced learning. Principal Investigator: Eija Halkola.

Academy of Finland project MULTICS - Multi-scoped infrastructuring : Forming a knowledge infrastructure for ILTER Network (in Finnish: Moniulotteinen infrastrukturoituminen: Tutkimusinfrastuktuurin muodostaminen ILTER- verkostolle )

Understanding and strengthening children’s participation and agency in issues concerning their life: Usability of Music for Social Inclusion of Children, EU IST 7thframework project 2008-2011 (UMSIC)

IT support for participatory urban design:

  • Participatory Urban Design with Advanced IT support, Academy of Finland project 2008-2011 (PUDAS)
  • Integrated project on Interaction and Presence in Urban Environments, EU IST 6th framework project, 2007-2011 (IPCity)

Another research stream has concentrated on understanding and supporting open and democratic development approaches, such as open source software development as a specific focus of study and My Data.


INTERACT is active e.g. in the following networks: