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Project overview

Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving to mimic human-like cognition, emotions, conversations, and decision-making. Yet, how AI affects children is not well studied. The PAIZ project (pronounced as pies, where Z refers to the younger GenerationZ, ages 9-12 years) addresses this gap.

PAIZ employs participatory approaches with children to design and discuss ethical AI, now and in the future, with an emphasis on fairness and human agency and oversight in algorithmic decision-making. This is achieved through hands-on sessions with children critically exploring and designing AI-systems for decision-making that affects their everyday experiences. Further, discussions and interviews with the various stakeholders (e.g. teachers and parents) that have an influence on children’s everyday lives are also conducted. Since fairness and human-agency are socio-culturally situated, the research is conducted in at various locations across the world, through its extensive collaboration network. 

Project outcomes include devising participatory approaches employing design fiction with schoolchildren for designing AI-systems that affect their technology experiences and use now and in the future; collecting data (text, images, audio, and video materials) created by children; and developing stakeholder-inclusive cross-cultural frameworks for ethical AI for and with children, with a focus on fairness, and human-agency and oversight. A research blog is maintained, where the methods and materials are published for other researchers to replicate the work with schools in their network.

The project extends ongoing work on global policy on AI for children, by being child-led, cross-cultural, and future-oriented. This means involving children from across the world as experts of their lived experiences and as creative and critical thinkers with their own distinct worldviews considering possible, plausible, and provocative solutions for the future.

News and Activities


  • Upcoming
    • EDUFI AIAI seminar in Spring 2022 (info here).
    • Planning pilot workshops in Delhi!
  • Pilot workshop  on Participatory AI in FabLab BusinessAsema Oulu, Finland (Week 10) (pics coming soon).


  • Panel discussion on Generating inclusive transdisciplinary knowledge(s) at the threshold of arts, science & society: Critical perspectives by researchers and practitioners as a part of Aalto University's Color of Science seminars on Nov 23rd 2021 (event info).
  • Public lecture on Participatory AI with Children: In Pursuit of Fair and Inclusive Technology Futures in Aalto University's Critical AI & Crisis Interrogatives (CRAI-CIS) Seminar on Nov 11th 2021 (event info).
  • Poster presentation on Making sense of how to create ethical AI for young children with autism in Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) AI-Day on Nov 4th 2021 (event info, poster and video).
  • Expert presentation on Designing Ethical AI for Young Children in HCI4SouthAsia's AI for the Next Billion seminar on Oct 28th 2021 (event info).

Project Collaborators

Info coming soon


PAIZ is funded by Academy of Finland (postdoc project) for three years (Sep 2021-Aug 2024). Please email the project PI, Dr. Sumita Sharma, at sumita.sharma(at) for more details about the project and to collaborate.

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