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What is Make4Change?

Make4Change is a 3-year-project, funded by the European Social Fund, which aims to strengthen the employability of citizens of Oulu through Digital Fabrication and Making. Through a series of thematic workshops we expect to bridge the digital divide and to provide participants with skills and competences which are required by the local industry.

Who can benefit?

Local people can participate in our workshops for free. We are currently collaborating with different partners to reach locals who are outside the labour market, such as long-term unemployed, youth and immigrants. We are willing to collaborate with other organizations, as well.

What skills can you learn?

We are organizing different workshops in which participants can learn the following skills, among others:

2D and 3D CAD design  |  Laser cutting and fabrication of 2D and 3D pieces  |  3D printing  | 
Digital embroidery  |  Electronics and soft electronics  |  Creative design and design process models      Embedded Programming  |  Project Management  |  Digital fabrication and quick prototyping  |    Entrepreneurship |


Introduction slides to our workshops:

Workshop descriptions and materials:

Introduction to digital fabrication

Introdution to laser cutter

Introduction to 3D modelling

Meet our staff

Make4Change workshops are organized by a group of five university experts with different backgrounds, each of whom has a profound knowledge in maker culture and digital fabrication.

Contact by

Leena Ventä-Olkkonen

Marta Cortés Orduña

Heidi Hartikainen

Gleb Bulygin

Petra Rutanen

Iván Sánchez Milara

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We are working with

This project is a collaboration among different units at the University of Oulu and other social partners from City of Oulu.