Introduction to 3D modelling

In this 10 hours workshop participants will learn how to use 3D modelling software in order to create their own small piece of furniture/ornament and how to personalize that design. They will also learn how to use the 3D printer. They will learn how to prepare a 3D model to laser cut. Participants will understand limitations of 3D printting and will learn about different settings.

Learning outcomes:

  • Participant will understand what is digital fabrication and what is maker culture.
  • Participant can enumerate main digital fabrication processes in Fab Lab, and what are they used for.
  • Participants go through a whole digital fabrication engineering design cycle: research and define the problem, ideation, design, fabrication and reflection.
  • Participant will understand how a work can be evaluated using a reflection.
  • Participant will learn how to use a 3D modelling design software.
  • Participant will learn how to prepare a 3D design file for 3D printer.
  • Participant will learn how to prepare a 3D model for laser cutting.
  • Participant will get acquainted with laser cutting.


    None. Would be benefitial if participant have basics computer user skills. Also, if participant has participated in laser or vinyl cutting workshop

    Benefits of workshop:

    Digital fabrication is a set of versatile processes that help to develop multiple transversal skills: digital literacies, design thinking, problem solving, quick prototyping, communication skills... All those skills are very well considered for employers, specially those related with ICT.

    What will be fabricated:

    A small piece of furniture.


    Workshop poster Worshop slides (ppt)