We are very happy to tell that our professor emeritus Kari Kuutti received EUSSET-IISI Lifetime Achievement Award and held his speech in the 18th European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (ECSCW 2020) on June 17, 2020.

Link to Kari Kuutti's speech: https://vimeo.com/432794713/b582441742

The European Society for Socially Embedded Technology (EUSSET) is comprised of researchers interested in socially embedded technologies and how they influence our everyday lives.

International Institute for Socio-Informatics (IISI) was founded in 2000 to investigate into the design of computer applications in support of social systems, with particular consideration on ethical, legal and social aspects.

Recognizing that traditional methods for systems design often do not take into account important aspects of human, social and cultural life, EUSSET and IISI jointly give this award to scholars who have reshaped the computing field with innovative human-centered approaches. The EUSSET-IISI lifetime achievement award recognizes substantial cumulative contributions to the field, a deep Influence on the work of others, and the development of new research directions. The award comes with a prize of 5,000 Euro.

Kari Kuutti is recongnized for the importance of bringing activity theory into systems design and social computing research and his detailed contributions to the field. His work has fostered new directions to work of others for many years, and materially expanded the research field.