We would like to draw the attention and interest of students to some topics of research and essay writing regarding the Artificial Intelligence Technologies. This is related to a contest organized by ACM SIGAI. Please read below the information about the contest and click one of the links for more detailed information regarding the topics.

"This is the second call to announce the 2018 version of the ACM SIGAI Essay Contest on on Artificial Intelligence Technologies!  You might think about submitting your ideas to this opportunity!

Deadline: Jan 10, 2019.

Students are invited to write an essay discussing this year's topics for consideration for prizes and publication in the ACM SIGAI Newsletter!  Please see the blog post or PDF call for full details.

Blog Post: http://sigai.acm.org/aimatters/blog/2018/09/22/2018-acm-sigai-student-essay-contest-on-artificial-intelligence-technologies/

PDF Call: https://sigai.acm.org/aimatters/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/SIGAIEssay2018.pdf

Win one of several $500 prizes or a Skype conversation with a leading AI researcher including Joanna Bryson, Murray Campbell, Eric Horvitz, Peter Norvig, Iyad Rahwan, Francesca Rossi, or Toby Walsh.  All winning entries will be published in the SIGAI Newsletter archived in the ACM Digital Library."

Contact person

  • Nicholas Mattei (IBM Research) – ACM SIGAI Student Essay Contest Organizer and AI and Society Officer
  • email: nsmattei@gmail.com