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  • Possibly at IDC 2024 - TBA

On hold:

  • Workshop on Love in the Time of a Pandemic (details here)
  • Workshop on Empowering, Inclusive, and Accessible AI for and with Children (details here)


Researchers' toolbox for the future is a series of workshops dedicated towards exploring, discussing, redefining, and formulating methods for imagining the future of technology, one that is empowering albeit provocative. In these workshops, we build on critical and/or future-oriented methods such as critical design, speculative design, design fictions, and others. Our goal is to compile a methodological toolbox for the future of HCI research; one that enables us to inquire, design, and critically examine our technological futures. We also explore newer ways of working with children on design and Making and in the FabLabs, sharing learnings from our past experiences and fortunate accidents. 

Currently, there are two parallel tracks for these workshops, one that is focused on critical design in general with the other geared towards Child-Computer Interaction (CCI). These tracks support each other, but the CCI track focuses specifically on working for and with children. Within Child Computer Interaction (CCI), there is an emphasis on empowering children through co-design and co-creation of technology that shapes their learning, inside and outside the classroom, their wellbeing and lifestyle, and everyday experiences. However, the focus has primarily been on now or the near future, with limited work on designing children’s future technological life worlds.

In these workshops, researchers and practioners discuss, critique, imagine, and redefine methods and approaches towards technology design for the future.

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