Profile Sharma

I am a postdoc researcher in Human Computer Interation (HCI) with a focus on empowerment, inclusion, and accessibility using interactive and novel technologies for and with children and underserved users groups. During my PhD studies, I worked on gesture-based interaction for neurodiverse children (children with autism) and collaborative languge learning appraoches for children from low socio-economic backgrounds, in New Delhi, India (PhD thesis).

In my research, I have worked with schoolchildren in Finland (Tampere and Oulu), in Oulu looking at future technologies to reduce bullying in schools (see the MAD project). I am interested in utlizing design fiction in a diverse set of participants and in diverse contexts, through projects with schools and workshops with adults (Researchers' toolbox of the future workshop and seminar series), and creating diverse approaches for deisgning for the future (please check out alt.CHI 2021 paper and alt.CHI 2022 paper and presentation).

Currently, I am working on a three-year (Sep 2021- Aug 2024) Academy of Finland funded postdoc project called PAIZ (project webpage), which employs participatory approaches with children to design and discuss ethical AI with an emphasis on fairness and human agency and oversight in algorithmic decision-making. Please  email me (firstname.lastname(at) if you'd like to know more about this project or  to collaborate!

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