These workshops are part of the Participatory AI with Schoolchildren - PAIZ project (2021-2024), which is funded by the Academy of Finland. In this project, we introduce children to algorithmic decision making and ideate, design, and prototype the schools of future using critical design fiction.

The workshops are conducted over two days - Mon Oct 24th from 9.30am-12.30pm and on Tues Oct 25th from 9am-12pm at the FabLab Business Asema (Hallituskatu 36, 90100, Oulu). Participation on both days is mandatory. A small snack and juice are served during a short break each day. 

In the workshop, participants complete hands-on activities involving ideation in small groups, designing and Making using laser cutter, 3D printers, and programmable electronics and e-textiles, and present their designs to the other groups. Participants gain experience in ideating, designing, developing, and evaluating future technologies, reimaging the future classroom. All materials are provided by the FabLab or the project. 

Data collected during the workshops includes text and drawing filled in a project booklet, audio and video recordings of the sessions, pictures of the sessions and designs, and observational notes from researchers. The data and materials can be combined during the analysis phase. The material is archived by the INTERACT research unit for long-term research use. The research material will be used in scientific research and in teaching, and possibly in commercial use to advertise the project results on the project website and other online venues. In publications and scientific presentations, the material is processed respecting the participants privacy so that participants cannot be recognized based on the material.

More information about the processing and archiving of the personal data can be found in the INTERACT research unit's data privacy notice.