My research interests are on design, adoption and evaluation of digitally enhanced services, i.e. services which take use of modern ICT technology. I have been primarily working on health and retail services. My major projects include an AAL JP project called HearMeFeelMe, which examined the use of touch-based mobile interfaces in medication management services for old adults, and TEKES Digital services project where we examined how to combine internet shopping with brick-and-mortar retail stores, and how to design more effective content for digital displays. Since these projects, I  have moved from a research center to the university, but still continue with similar research topics.

I am currently with a H2020 MC ITN project called CHESS. CHESS is a network of companies, health care organizations and universities in Europe, who collaborate on Connected Health. Our network is really multidisciplinary - we have care professionals, game designers, business researchers and technology entusiasts working on topics related to care, sustainability, data and change of healthcare systems. I am supervising four early stage researchers in CHESS, who are working on their individual research topics aiming for a PhD.

I am also a work group leader and management committee member in ENJECT, and European Connected Health network. In ENJECT, we are building networks and collaboration frameworks in the field of connected health. Our aim is to build new project consortiums, initiate new collaborative research in Connected health, and support research visits and training in Connected health.


You can find me at Linnanmaa campus in the office room GF315. I tweet with an account @MinnaIsomursu. My email address is minna.isomursu at