I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Interact research group the University of Oulu. I have previously completed my master (2007) and my licentiate (2013) at LuleƄ University of Technology in the area of information security. I did my PhD project here at university of Oulu focusing on web 2.0, social media, and children's online safety. My research was supervised by Netta IIvari and Marianne Kinnula. I defended my PhD thesis titled Malice in Wonderland: Children, Online safety and the Wonderful World of Web 2.0 in december 2017.

Currently I am studying at FabAcademy and working on a project concerning children as technology makers and shapers.  It is a spearhead project funded by North-Osthrobothnia Regional Fund that aims 1) To empower children through technology making and designerly thinking in education to become better prepared for the Fourth Industrial Revolution 2) To develop new tools in cooperation with schools and the educational sector for educating children in technology making and designerly thinking, and 3) To encourage Finnish industry to develop means and tools for technology making and designerly thinking to be used in the education of children

I also participate in teaching. I assist courses such as Introduction to Information processing science, Information Systems in Organisations, Introduction to Research Work, Information Systems Planning and Introduction to Software Business.

Research interests:

  • Children and teenagers as IT/Internet users
  • Qualitative research
  • Human-Computer Interaction & Child-Computer Interaction
  • Digital fabrication / Maker movement
  • Social media and web 2.0
    • Social networks, instant messaging, content creation, virtual worlds (gaming and social)
    • Facebook, ask.fm, WhatsApp, Instagram, Youtube, SecondLife, WoW etc.
  • Online safety and Information security
    • Threats to online safety
      • Content threats (e.g. spam, violence),
      • Contact threats (e.g, bullying, grooming),
      • Conduct threats (e.g. illegal file sharing)
      • Computer threats (e.g. malware, phishing)
    • Online safety mediation
      • Industry mediation (e.g. content screening, privacy policies),
      • Technology (e.g. parental controls, adblockers),
      • Policies and educational efforts (e.g. KiVa koulu, Better internet for Children)
      • Social mediation by parents, teacher

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