I am a postdoctoral researcher in the INTERACT Research Unit. During my PhD I worked in the LUNO project, where we tried to make IT more familiar to high school students and inquired why so few girls are still choosing the IT field. In the follow up project, TIKO-silta, we found concrete ways secondary education and higher education can co-operate to make the IT field more familiar in secondary education.

Since finishing my PhD thesis, I have been a part of the GenZ project and working on research related to sustainable development of technology. I am also currently involved in the AIREG project, where we study how AI and the AI Act are taken on board in the public sector.

In addition to research and project work, I have assisted in the following courses: UI design, Research and Development Project and Seminar, Software Business Basics. I have also been involved in developing our faculty's introductory open university course.

You can check my profiles at: University of OuluResearchGate * LinkedIn * Twitter