HELLO and WELCOME to read about me and my research

I am originally from Iran; born and raised in Iran. I have been living in Finland since 2014. I first completed my master’s degree in the field of ‘Computer Science’ at LUT (Lappeenranta University of Technology). The title of my master thesis is: ‘Interactive design thinking portfolio: a tool for user experience designers’. After graduating, in 2018 I joined ‘INTERACT Research Unit’ as a PhD candidate in the field of ‘Information Processing Science’. My research was under the supervision of Marianne Kinnula and Netta Iivari. My doctoral thesis was about how adults, space, tasks, and equipment shape children’s digital fabrication and making. Currently, I am working on FutuProta project, which examines ‘technology protagonism’. I've also been working at the university’s Fab Lab, Fab Lab Oulu since 2018 as a Fab Lab instructor and researcher.


  • User experience design
  • Child-technology interaction
    • Both designing using Software and making using machines
  • In the area of ‘children’s digital fabrication activities’, my interest is not limited to but includes the following:
    • Adults’ roles and interactions
      • Parents, teachers, and instructors
    • Group work’s role
      • Child-child and child-adult
    • Individual learning
    • Space and environment’s role
    • Activity formulation
    • Ideating
    • Formal, informal, and non-formal contexts



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