HELLO and WELCOME to read about me and my research

I am originally from Iran; born and raised in Iran. I have been living in Finland since 2014. I first completed my master’s degree in the field of ‘Computer Science’ at LUT (Lappeenranta University of Technology). The title of my master thesis is: ‘Interactive design thinking portfolio: a tool for user experience designers’. After graduating, in 2018 I joined ‘INTERACT Research Unit’ as a PhD candidate in the field of ‘Information Processing Science’. My research is under the supervision of Marianne Kinnula and Netta Iivari. I also work at the university’s Fab Lab, Fab Lab Oulu, as an instructor. My research is about the intergenerational aspect of digital fabrication and making with children.


  • User experience design
  • Child-technology interaction
    • Both designing using Software and making using machines
  • In the area of ‘children’s digital fabrication activities’, my interest is not limited to but includes the following:
    • Adults’ roles and interactions
      • Parents, teachers, and instructors
    • Group work’s role
      • Child-child and child-adult
    • Individual learning
    • Space and environment’s role
    • Activity formulation
    • Ideating
    • Formal, informal, and non-formal contexts



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