I’m a post doctoral researcher in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) at INTERACT research group. My research interests include empowering children and adults with design and digital making. I’m also interested on children designer and maker identity development, children’s and families IT practices and their emergence and evolution. 

My current research activities are:

  • Make-A-Difference Academy of Finland project aims to understand and facilitate the emergence of critical designer and maker identities among children. This will be accomplished by exploring and engaging in critical design and making activities together with children. The project is spesifically concentrated on finding solutions against school bullying. 
  • Make 4 Change ESR funded project which aims to strengthen the employability of unemployed, young people and immigrants outside the labour market through digital fabrication and making. Making philosophy is seen as beneficial to the development of thinking and design skills. Making also supports the takeover of technologies, thus preventing the digital divide and helping to cope in a the increasingly digital world, especially when it comes to study and work.
  • FutuProta Academy of Finland project which examines ‘technology protagonism’, i.e., how the future citizens, as private persons, employees, entrepreneurs, or policymakers – and also as technology developers – would be able to act as technology protagonists who have the ability to question digital technology use and demand for socially sustainable technological solutions that augment humans and societies, and even design such technologies themselves.

In my PhD thesis (2017) I studied children emerging practices around multipurpose public displays. I received my masters’ degree in humanities (2007) with the mayor of Finnish Language.

See my publications: GoogleScholar ResearchGate