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Shortly about the materials:

All materials created and used in the Make-A-Difference project can be found below in PDF format. There are modifiable versions of all PDF files that can be given upon request. If you need these modifiable files, please contact us for example through our social media accounts.

The tasks have been carried out with 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 7th graders. It was noticed that some of the tasks were too challenging for the second graders while the sixth and seventh graders were able to do all the given tasks expectedly. Hence, the assignments can be modified to students of different ages, teachers can make edits to the assignments based on their own knowledge and experiences.

The project is divided into three parts which contain in total seven phases:

  • Part 1 Sensitizing, contains phases 1. Sensitizing with technologyand 2. Sensitizing with bullying
  • Part 2 Critical Design and Making, contains phases 3. Ideation, 4. Critical analysis, 5. Planning and prototyping, 6. Coding, 7. Activism, and 8. Drama
  • Part 3 Reflection, contains phase 9. Reflection and evaluation  

File map that shows the parts of the project mentioned above.


PART 1 - Sensitizing

1. Sensitizing with technology: 

2. Sensitizing with bullying: 

PART 2 - Critical Design and Making

3. Ideation: 

4. Critical analysis: 

5. Planning and prototyping: 

6. Coding:

7. Activism: 

8. Drama: 

PART 3 - Reflection

9. Reflection and evaluation: 

Guide for teachers

The purpose of the guide is to provide additional tips and background information for teachers regarding all available material. The guide contains step-by-step advice on needed tools and materials, tips for implementing the tasks and other useful information.

Download the guide as a PDF-file