The transdisciplinary center of INTERACT Research Unit / ITEE / University of Oulu arranges

A nexus analysis seminar

on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

in TellUs / Frost cabinet, University of Oulu main campus

Speakers: Doc. Leena Kuure (COACT), Prof. Netta Iivari, Prof. Marianne Kinnula, Univ. lect. Tonja Molin-Juustila (INTERACT)

Nexus analysis is a qualitative research strategy that has its roots in the field of language studies but it is interdisciplinary in nature and focuses on social action. It combines different research approaches in a sequence of steps from engaging, navigating and changing (e.g. ethnography, interaction analysis, and qualitative study of different types), allowing the study of phenomena as they unfold in social (inter)action in situ, but inherently bound in their historical trajectories across multiple timescales. It involves a participatory stance in the researcher stepping into the community itself and is very well suited for studies where researchers intend for change and work actively with the research subjects. Nexus analysis has been applied on many different disciplinary fields but as perspectives and research interests differ, researchers choose their methods and analysis foci accordingly. In this seminar we go through the basics of nexus analysis and examples of how it has been used in Information Systems and Human-Computer Interaction fields.