My research is mainly in the fields of information systems and human-computer interaction; I’m interested in how technology changes our everyday lives in many ways, in society level, organizational level, as well as in individual level. School as an organization and children’s technology use are close to my heart and currently the main focus of my studies: what is children’s genuine possibility to affect the decisions that concern them as well as their technology-rich environment. I would like to find ways for technology to help children to grow to active citizens who make informed decisions and use technology as a tool to enrich their lives. I have my other foot (including my doctorate on collaborative relationships in software development) in software business research and I also teach software business related courses.

I belong to INTERACT and EveLINE research groups at University of Oulu, Finland. My research methods are mainly empirical and qualitative. Our research group members have long experience in Academy of Finland and EU funded projects, and I’m always open for collaboration discussions.

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