Eva DurallI’m Academy post-doctoral researcher at the INTERACT research group at the University of Oulu.

In my work, I explore the relations between learning and technology. I’m interested in the design of environments that support learners’ agency and critical engagement. To this aim, I have adopted an interdisciplinary approach that builds on science and technology studies, collaborative and constructive design, media studies, as well as on learning and education. My research is informed by critical approaches, building on participatory design and futures techniques to foster discussion and dialogue with stakeholders throughout the research and design process. Ensuring the process includes diversity of actors and approaches is a central concern in my design and research work towards equitable tools and systems.

Throughout my career, I have participated in several research and innovation projects dealing with the use of ICT in higher and Primary Education, as well as in informal and non-formal learning. I have also coordinated international reports on technology forecasts in learning and education, as well as co-design processes in learning design.

Currently, I am involved in national and international projects exploring democratic values in technology design and use with young people (Critical ChangeLab and Critical DataLit). Critical ChangeLab (2023-2026) is a Horizon Europe research and innovation project aiming at producing a model for democratic pedagogy in various learning environments. Critical DataLit (2023-2027) is a four-year project funded by the Finnish Research Council exploring youth’s data literacies, with an emphasis in supporting social justice in the context of digital citizenship education. Both projects use critical and participatory approaches, using creative practices and design futures methods with young people.

Please send me an e-mail (eva.durallgazulla(at)oulu.fi) if you'd like to know more about these projects or/and to collaborate!

For further details about my activity see: https://evadurall.com/