I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Interact research unit, University of Oulu. Much of my research is qualitative and phenomenon-driven research, concerning the role of information technologies in social practices. While publishing mostly in the field of Information Systems, I champion a certain research eclecticism. Therefore my studies sometimes lean towards applied anthropology, other times towards applied philosophy. My PhD degree is from University of Bergen in Information Science, and my MSc degree is from University of Tampere in Computer Science. My research has been published in the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS), Information Processing & Management, AI & Society, and in conferences such as ICIS, IFIP WG 8.2, ECIS, HICSS, SCIS, INTERACT, COOP, and NORDICHI. Before joining academia, I worked in managerial and development positions in healthcare IT for seven years, and in VoIP service development for one year.